No contributions are accepted anymore.


  • The poster format is DIN A0 portrait (max. 124.5x90 cm HxW, A0 oversize). IMPORTANT: The maximum width for landscape format posters is also 90 cm. The posters will be mounted by you on wooden boards. Please, bring your own mounting material.
  • Posters of Poster Sessions I & II will be introduced by an oral introduction during the Poster Introduction on Monday or Tuesday. Please prepare max. FOUR pdf pages (best in landscape, no Powerpoint!) for your short oral poster presentation of max. 2 min. More pages will be removed. We will use a video projector (beamer) to present your pdfs. Please, email your pdf file latest Sept. 10th, 2017 to

    only, so we can easily access and sort these into one pdf-file.
    Also only use the poster session number (1 or 2), the last name, and ID of the presenter as file name, i. e. 1miller12345.pdf in the case your poster is in session 1, your last name is Miller, and your BPS '17 registration ID is 12345.

  • Poster in Session III will not be introduced, but on display for the entire time.